Future with Zionists

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Once it was questioned to Mohandas Gandhi, “since you have been a leader of All Indians, and then well-traveled, genius and expert of human rights, tell us what have you learned?”. Gandhi responded simply and stated, “I traveled very far but all I did was to come back home”. When I was a teen age boy, I was fond of the Western culture and always wanted to show that I was a sober human being by combing my hair into western style, by wearing skinny jeans and lot more. One way I was ahead of my times. I also remember trying to fall in love with Western women (since girls in Asia were shy of having illicit relations). Then I watched a movie in the cinema and its name was “Kashish” and in English you can call it “the attraction”. It was the love story of a young Indian medical student who went to New York (the America) and fell in love with a girl there. World seemed to be heaven on earth and then with the love of a beautiful damsel well he was arm-to-arms with the heroine and sang songs of love at the scenic locations like Niagara Falls, Liberty Park, Ellis Island, Battery Park, Madison Avenue and in Queens areas. Well that was it and I soon started to dream for the same. I made it my earthly aim to move to the paradise which happened to be in the Americas.

I moved to Texas and did not give up, and then for the next twenty years I was in the colleges and universities trying to identify myself. One thing for sure I had yet to meet the heroine who would show me love like the movie heroine. I am a PhD professor in the US and in the world but inside is still looking for the identity which only lies at the home and I conclude this epistle my stating with one advice. I would say the same as Mohandas Gandhi stated half a century ago, “The only place which will hold you in arms like the mother is the motherland. You will be alien even in the borrowed paradise of someone else”.



So the young don’t know and the youth today are the same as I was quarter a century ago, because they are innocent and think that paradise is somewhere else rather like the Paulo Coelho character in the book “Alchemist”  it is right under one’s own feet. When you want to move abroad consider that Gandhi was not wrong because he discovered true happiness in India and not at England.

Here Pakistanis and Indians both can see what they have in common and try to see the future of peace, solidarity and happiness.

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Where is Waldo or the Paper Tiger of Punjab

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You know who I am talking about. If you are like any other Pakistani car and motor bike owner who happily places a Red License plate written “ALBAKISATN” on it and then some of them have gone farther of writing “AlBanjab” while few still stick to the Al-Punjab theme.

anyway what we see is that the paper tiger or the “Kagzi Sher” is missing form the hotpoint political scenes. I think he is eyeing on the Islamabad.

So what is next we shall see it on the morning of 15th August 2015 after the Wrestling match of Islamabad.

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Qadri is mental Patient

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Here is what the high court of Lahore declared. Read it for yourself. So the revolution he is talking about is over. go and get yourself a copy of the Menecracy book and be a leader for yourself. Believing in Qadri is similar to believing the half-way house patient.